Anchor Companies

CD Covenant Distributors

CD Covenant Distributors is a distributor of electrical parts, such as clamps, t-bolts, tension clamps and rubber coated and supplier of connectors, terminals, electrical tapes and heat shrinks in various sizes.

Service On-site

Service On-Site offers maintenance, repair and refurbishment for major medical equipment. Their customers include hospitals, surgery centers, and doctors' offices.

The Pink Studio

The Pink Studio is a conglomerate of independant Mary Kay National Sales Directors whose office serves as a central location for meetings, awards, and trainings.


TOMITA USA supplies maintenance related operation (mro) goods primarily to the automotive industry, both directly and indirectly through “feeder supplier” plants. Tomita’s niche market allows it to supply its customers with difficult to locate Japanese parts for their O.E.M. machinery, as well as technical support for all its product lines.

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