Emerging Companies

Cottaquilla Copper

Cottaquilla Copper is an e-commerce company that sells Mexican copper products for both homes and restaurants. Some of their products include sinks, range hoods, counters, and tables.

Fitness Rush

Fitness Rush provides new and refurbished commercial and residential exercise equipment. Their warehouse space is utilized for refurbishing as well as logistical storage.


FleetSource is a breakdown service provider targeting the heavy duty trucking & bus/RV industry. FleetSource markets to heavy duty towing and truck repair facilities across the US and in Canada. They offer their customers websites, printed directories, and mobile apps to assist them in locating the appropriate repair company when they breakdown on the road.


Home-At-Heart provides non-medical in-home care for the elderly and others in need of their services. These include personal care such as bathing, grooming, and homemaker services such as housekeeping and cooking.

Morris Mule Trailer Company

Morris Mule Trailer Company is a manufacturer of off-road camping and tailgating trailers. The trailers are their design and are fabricated and shipped from the Entrepreneurial Center.

On the Web: http://www.morrismule.com

Raindog Deals

Raindog Deals is an Amazon fulfillment company whose products iinclude kitchen ware, toys, linens and other various items.

The Big D Project

The Big D Project is a magazine publisher for various niche markets. They are the creator and publisher of Career Solutions, a magazine distributed to Alabama school students at all levels to inform them of career opportunities and help guide them as they consider their futures. They are also in the process of lauching another magazine.

Valens Point

Valens Point is a business, marketing, and sales consulting company. They focus on IT and software companies and help them define, implement, and run marketing as a business system.