Become a Resident Company

How do I locate my company at the Entrepreneurial Center?

  • Call to make an appointment  (256) 831-5215 or drop in.
  • Discuss your business with the Entrepreneurial Center staff.
  • Complete and submit an application along with your business plan summary.
  • Resident Company Criteria:  
    • Must be in the start-up or early growth phase (or)
    • Companies headquartered in other states/countries that want to immediately establish a local office 
    • Must be a service type or manufacting company
    • Companies in the insurance, mortgage, accounting, real estate or legal industies are generally not candidates
  • The Center’s tenant selection committee will review your application and determine if the Center is a good fit for your company and if your company is a good fit for the Center

We also offer a “Coffee Shop Office” program

  • For entrepreneurs that only need an office occassionally to meet clients in a professional location
  • Includes access to a desk/work area, wi-fi, conference room, and yes, coffee!
  • Rates by the hour, day, week, or month